Tips for a safe Oktoberfest

Have fun – party together – meet new people

But remember: At the world´s biggest folk festival, sexual harassment and assault still happens. The responsibilty for this always lies with the offender. The team of “Sichere Wiesn” (“Safe Oktoberfest”) helps to provide an enjoyable and carefree visit for every girl and woman at the Oktoberfest.

Have fun, stay safe!

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Tips for your visit to the Octoberfest

Our campaign “Sichere Wiesn” (A safer Octoberfest) wants all girls and women to be able to enjoy their visit to the Octoberfest and have a good time without any worries.

However, every year women and girls are subjected to cheesy chat-up lines, cases of rape and sexual harassment still occur.

What starts as a happy and relaxed atmosphere can change into an uncomfortable situation.

Whether you know the offender or not, noone has the right to harm you in any way. No matter what, feel free to ask for help, as the responsibility for an assault always lies with the offender. IT’S HOW YOU FEEL THAT MATTERS!


  1. There are days when up to 600,000 people visit the Octoberfest. It is easy to get lost in the crowd. Therefore it is advisable to agree on a meeting point before you enter the ground.
  2. Handbags and backpacks can be lost or stolen. It is a good idea to carry your money, mobile phone, keys and hotel address on your person.
  3. If the tents are overcrowded you may not be able to get back in. Take your personal belongings with you when leaving the tent.
  4. As Octoberfest beer is particularly strong and is served in one- liter beer mugs it is advisable to have a non-alcoholic drink and something to eat between beers.
  5. Be aware of drink spiking: You can become incapacitated or even unconscious –cases are seen at Octoberfest every year.
  6. In the case of emergency: ask others for help. Pick out a specific person in the crowd: “You in the red Sweatshirt…!” If you feel threatened, you can always call the police at 110.
  7. Sexual assault can also happen on your way home, so think about a safe way to get back homeor to your hotel.


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Whatever happens, we are here to help!

If you suddenly find yourself on your own…

if you don’t know how to find your friends again…

if you don’t know how to get back home…

if you are tired or drunk…

if you feel threatened or unsafe…

if you were harassed, touched or raped…

…then  come to the Safe Space.



the Safe Space is located below the Bavaria statue in the Service Center (called Servicezentrum in German), next to the police and at the same entrance as the Red Cross

Hours are Weekdays from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., as well as Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays and October 2nd and 3rd  from 3.30  p.m. to 1 a.m.

phone +49 (0)89 / 890 57 45 188


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